Some words to sum up my workshop experience with Daisy: joyful, experiential and insightful.  The music was great – it took me to another place… felt euphoric …. Allowed me to draw more spontaneously.  Would definitely recommend Creative Arts Therapy to people wanting to feel free to express themselves in a safe space.  Gained insights through the different techniques used.”

Jenny M

“It was great fun to be in such a safe, non-judgemental and creative space.  I found the sharing of stories in the group to be very valuable – I don’t feel so isolated as others have issues to deal with too.”


“One of the best things about the workshop was being connected to people in the group…. very healing to be able to speak openly with other like-minded people.  I left the session with a warm, fuzzy feeling.  I have also placed my drawing on the frig – to reinforce the gratitude I have for those who have supported me.”

Susie K

“I found the different tools used for the different processes to be very worthwhile – helped me to look deeper within myself.  I was also able to be in the moment during the session.  Great music too!  Would definitely recommend people to attend Daisy’s workshops. “

Siew C

“This is the first time I’ve attended a Creative Arts Therapy workshop – found it relaxing, enjoyable and beneficial.  I absolutely believe it is worthwhile doing and will be of great benefit to many people.”

Sue H

“Before attending the workshop, I was concerned about not being able to draw well.  But then I discovered it wasn’t about having artistic skills at all – it was using art to express my thoughts and emotions!  It was interesting to hear about other people’s stories and how that was expressed in their drawings.  It was good to know that I’m not the only one going through challenging times.  Thought-provoking experience.  Time out with a pleasant group of people – reinforce need to stop – be still in the busyness of life.”

Debbie B